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Hello friend, I’m Lauren. If you’re like I was in 2015 when I was diagnosed with heart disease, you’re concerned about your health. You don’t want to age like your parents and spend your days going from the doctor to the pharmacy. 


Well Elephant teaches you how to eat a whole-food, plant-based diet which results in your body completely healing, as mine did. You’ll lose weight as you get healthy (without even trying, I swear).


Best of all, you’ll get to eat your favorite foods like pizza, pasta, sandwiches, tacos, and more – all guilt-free. 


If you’re ready to eat more plants:

  1. Download my free cookbook (you’ll get a pop-up or go to “Start Here” on the menu)
  2. Check out additional recipes on this site
  3. Watch my “How To Videos”
  4. Need more guidance? Click the “Learn More” button to take my online class. Use discount code ACE40 to make the class only $39. 


Lauren Bernick, Plant Based Educator and Speaker

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Online Herd Plant-based Class

Learn how to ACE plant-based eating.

We'll cover common concerns; how will I get my protein, what if my family members won't support me, how will I eat out, what if I don't know how to cook or have to cook for people who won't eat this way?

No problem. Through short videos and EASY homework, we'll set you up for success!

We'll have a Facebook support group so you'll go through your journey with your herd.

Hire Lauren as a Guest Speaker

Do you need a funny, engaging, and interesting guest speaker for Zoom or real life?

Eating plant-based is the future and people are intrigued.

Talks can be tailored to all types of audiences but they are meant primarily for those who have a mouth and a stomach.

I was a stand-up comic so I know how to keep things entertaining, especially if there is a two-drink minimum.

Kind Words From the Herd

“Lauren’s class made switching to a low-fat plant-based diet a breeze. Each module is packed with helpful information and so many tasty recipes and recommendations. After getting diagnosed with an “incurable” autoimmune disease, I changed my diet following Lauren’s plan and have been able to remain medication-free ever since. I am so grateful to have taken this class and I cannot recommend it enough!”


“Lauren presented “Eating on the Go” to our plant-based community, ATX Alive. Her presentation was not only informative but also very entertaining. Our audience of 80 was fully engaged throughout her entire presentation and we received excellent feedback. Everyone that day left with practical tools on how to eat healthy in the most challenging situations. I highly recommend Lauren as a health and wellness speaker!”


“I heard Lauren speak at a wellness conference for pharmacists. I sat in on her presentation because I was intrigued about her topic of incorporating a low fat, oil-free, plant-based diet into your lifestyle to mitigate heart disease. Her personal story was compelling and she gave some very tangible and sustainable methods to make this happen in my life.

As a functional nutritionist and certified health coach, I also like to research options for my clients to help optimize their health based upon their needs. Lauren’s methods are definitely in my back pocket for my family and clients that have heart disease in their family.



Eggplant Parm

Eggplant Parm

This is a healthy, delicious version of eggplant parm without all of the oil, cheese, and things that make it unhealthy. Just pure deliciousness. Your nonna would be proud.

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Cook Your Way to Health

Get myawesome e-cookbook Cook Your Way To Health with Well Elephant here!

20 nutritious and delicious recipes to get you started on a whole-food, plant-based diet.

With these recipes you will never feel deprived while you regain your health, lose weight, and age in reverse.

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