Hire Lauren as a Guest Speaker

Be the Hero at Your Next Event

Do you need a dynamic speaker that will truly entertain as well as inform?

Everyone needs to eat and most people feel confused about what they should eat in order to be healthy.

Talks are tailored to the audience and do not have to be fully about eating plant-based.  

Custom Topics

Some of the topics covered are: Navigating the Grocery Store for Maximum Health (what is the difference between grass-fed and finished on grass, cage free versus free range etc.?), Understanding Genetically Modified Foods and How to Avoid Them, Eat Well Age Well, The Low-carb Myth, Understanding and Implementing a Plant-based Diet for Health Professionals, and of course How to Eat a Whole-Food, Plant-based Diet for Disease Reversal

Oh, You Want More Details? I Don’t Blame You…


Rave Reviews

Want to book a speaker that wows the audience?

Don’t you hate it when you’ve booked a speaker that does nothing but give the audience a good nap? Sure, they’ll leave feeling well-rested but you’ll feel terrible.

I honed my craft as a stand-up comic for years and now bring that humor, enthusiasm, story-telling ability, and knowledge to the stage as a guest speaker.

Everyone has to eat and everyone loves to be entertained.


Size Doesn’t Matter. Really.

You can hire me to present to two friends on your couch or to an arena, I’m thrilled to be there.

I am passionate about helping people understand that they can control their health by what they eat.

I’ve presented to mom’s groups and ladies’ clubs up to pharmacy conventions.  

No Judgement

I will never make anyone feel judged for their eating decisions.

I will be supportive and meet people where they are now and do it in a fun way.

I accept that people can hear this message and never be ready to act, that they may remember the talk years down the line and be ready to take action or that it resonates with them now and they want to change their health.

Whatever the case may be, I don’t preach, I don’t shame, I do present science-based stories in a way that might make someone think about things differently.


Tailored Topics

If it has to do with food, food politics, plant-based eating, eating healthy, confusion at the grocery store, aging well, reducing medication, or reversing disease, I’ll give your group a presentation that they’ll go home and tell their friends and family about.

Not sure? Let’s chat and see if it’s a good match.

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